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Common Good

Mark Thompson, the executive director of the Fairfield County Medical Association wrote:

“Any proposal for reforming our health care system (and I like the idea of
tiering of health care benefits based on level of necessity, a federal health board orchestrating the system, a single clearing house for claims, common plan designs to simplify comparison shopping, etc.) must also have corresponding reforms to our legal system for adjudicating medical liability claims.
Special health courts and an administrative compensation system as advocated by the group called Common Good seems like a reasonable approach for injecting some predictability into an otherwise chaotic process that’s based more on the whims of the jury and theatrics of the lawyers.
Billions of health care dollars are wasted each year practicing defensive medicine and defending against frivolous cases.”

Their website ( has details on this plan. The brochure is a must read ( . Navigating the website, I have not been able to find more detailed descriptions, but I think that the concept sounds good.

Certainly with a central Board overseeing the “Federal” evidenced based funding and delivery of health care, it will be somewhat easier to adopt “Health Courts” as more local adjudicators.



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