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Connecticut Launches Health Plan For Uninsured

Some have asked about Connecticut’s new plan. I have to say that I am not as familiar as I should be with the details, but here is a link to the Hartford Courant on the subject.

On first blush it looks promising, but the devil’s in the details. I again need to plead ignorance and say that what I know is what has been written in the media. Although there are many benefits, the Courant article does not discuss specifics about how or even if the private insurance plans are regulated. It is also worth to note that this is not universal coverage and some things we would consider Tier 1 conditions (under the HPfHR plan) such as diabetes will not be covered. Finally, I don’t see how costs are to be contained with this plan.

Does anyone have more knowledge of this plan?


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  1. I checked with Matt Katz. So far, I believe that none of the insurance companies who plan to participate or the state have released any information to doctors in regards to the policies or provider fee structure of this new insurance product. Yet enrollment is already open to patients. And Governor Rell has sent a letter to doctors asking them to participate in the program.

    Claudia Gruss

    Comment by Healthcare Professionals For Healthcare Reform | July 4, 2008 | Reply

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