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More about Tom Daschle’s confirmation hearing

In an editorial in the NY times, there is more discussion about the signs that are being given off by the confirmation hearings. One point again was raised:

That seemed to indicate that the Democrats will be pushing for reforms that can command support from large bipartisan majorities in Congress. Yet the seeds of
partisan conflict are already being planted. Mr. Enzi issued a press release warning against expanding insurance coverage through government-run bureaucracies like Medicaid and asserting that any new coverage must come through private health insurance plans.
If he meant that literally, he would have to oppose major elements of the Obama health plans, which envisage expanding existing public programs and probably adding a new public program to compete with private plans. Of course, if the Republicans become too obstinate in blocking major elements they don’t like, Democratic leaders in the Senate could choose to close off debate no matter what Mr. Daschle has recommended.
There were few if any surprises in Mr. Daschle’s broad-brush statements on policy. He wants wider insurance coverage, lower costs, higher quality care, more preventive care, an emphasis on keeping people well, greater use of information technology, more money for community health centers, a stronger Food and Drug Administration and speedier approval of low-cost generic drugs, among other issues.

I think this is clearly the death knell of single payer proposals like HR 676. I also think that the chances for a plan like EMBRACE are better, but nothing is definite at this point…


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