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Here is a email/post from member Maura Keaney (who works with Jim Himes):

Hi, Gil,
Happy New Year! Hope all is well with you. In case you haven’t seen it, I just wanted to forward along to you the exciting proposal that was released today from CT’s HealthCare4Every1 Foundation, called SustiNet:
Not waiting for a federal solution, the Universal Health Care Foundation in CT has worked with legislative leaders, health care providers, and other stakeholders to come up with a plan that would be both universal and sustainable AND would focus on prevention, quality of care, and better health outcomes. They have attempted to address the pressing concerns in CT about low reimbursement rates as well.This is different than your EMBRACE proposal, but I think your HPfHR group might be very interested to see what’s brewing here in our own backyard, and ideally might want to have input on this proposal as it makes its way through the legislative process.Given that the new speaker of the CT House, Chris Donovan, is very focused on health care reform, and given the makeup of both houses of the CT legislature, this might finally be the year when we make real strides here. I think this group also has a very realistic and pragmatic understanding of both the difficulties and the imperatives of moving forward with universal health care in these economic circumstances — it’s critical that the public understand that universal health care will be GOOD for the economy and ultimately cheaper for both employers and consumers, while creating real jobs in health care delivery.Just wanted to share in case you hadn’t seen. And thanks again for all of your input into Jim’s understanding of health care from a provider perspective — I’m down here in VA now and saw Jim sworn in last week! Your insight was invaluable.
All the best,

I encourage all our members and blog readers to become familiar with this proposal. I think its way better than Charter Oak.


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