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Campaign Against Health Reform is Run By Notorious Conservative PR Firm

A new group called Conservatives for Patients Rights (CPR) is about to launch the opening salvoin the fight to sink President Obama’s health care plan.

CPR is running TV, radio, and web ads that attempt to stoke irrational fears of “a central national board” in charge of medical decision-making, asking Americans to envision a world where “bureaucrats decide the treatments you receive, the drugs you take, even the doctors you see.” Of course, that vision has nothing to do with the president’s health care plan, but the truth shouldn’t be an impediment to CPR’s dream of killing health care reform.

After all, the group has hired Creative Response Concepts, the same PR firm that represented the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth during the 2004 presidential race. The “media relations” contact number listed on CPR’s website, (703) 683-5004, is the same phone number as Creative Response Concepts.

Creative Response’s past clients also include the Christian Coalition, the right-leaning National Taxpayers Union, and USANext, the front group that led George W. Bush’s failed push to privatize Social Security. Hilariously, Politico could only bring itself to observethat CPR has hired “veteran Republican consultants” for its new anti-Obama effort.

What is clear is that this misinformation is already out there and it seems to be working:

Today I got into a conversation with another physician who told me that Tom Daschle specifically stated that he envisaged that ‘a central national board’ will be needed to ‘ration’ care to patients. It was almost a verbatim regurgitation of this group’s “talking points”. This is particularly disturbing because I read Tom Daschle’s book and have heard him talk  and I know he said nothing of the kind. It’s also disturbing because this doctor seems to be working against the interests of patients and the interest of the health care system as a whole.

This time around, we health care professionals need to stand up against this misinformation. Just remember how we (and our patients) got screwed before by these guys…



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