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Since the previous blog entry, there have been quite a few developments.

1) The EMBRACE Book:

In the midst of the 2016 elections, Dr. Lancaster’s book, “EMBRACE: A Revolutionary New Healthcare System for the Twenty-First Century” was published. In addition to updating and giving more details about the EMBRACE healthcare reform plan, the book details how it would affect various groups, such as patients, healthcare providers, hospitals, businesses, government, private insurance providers and public health. The book compares EMBRACE features to Single Payer and it devotes its epilogue to how we can make EMBRACE a reality.

2) EMBRACE in the Media:

Dr. Lancaster’s book was reviewed by Cardiology MagazineThe Daily Voiceand by Yale Medicine Magazine , the magazine of the Yale School of Medicine.

3) Op-Ed in The Hill:

Just before the Republicans introduced their ACA replacement, ‘The Hill’ published an opinion piece entitled “EMBRACE single system healthcare reform-How Congress can repeal Obamacare while creating a more perfect healthcare system”. There were a lot of shares and comments.

4) Congressional Update:

During a press conference on March 7th with Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4), the congressman was asked about EMBRACE as a possible alternative to the Republican healthcare bill (that had just been proposed). The Congressman not only was familiar with the plan, he also gave a very nice summary. Here is a YouTube link.

5) The EMBRACE Plan Blog:

Finally,  the EMBRACE plan now has it’s own blog! It was launched last summer- with discussions about healthcare reform and current initiatives. The blog can be found here. You can follow the blog to get more frequent updates of what is going on and you can sign up to receive newsletters and updates.


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