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Dear All,

Well its looking pretty ugly (and depressing) down there in the Senate these days (the NY Times has a good description of the shenanigans), but what seems most distressing to me is that for the rest of us there is a kind of ambivalence and even apathy in the air; like what comes from overwhelming exasperation and helplessness at what is happening.

I am not really sure what is going to emerge from all this, but I hope it will be something that will at least help cover most of the population. Its clear that it isn’t going to be much more than that.

In the mean time, I think we need to continue to push for EMBRACE. I have taken a bit of time in the last two weekends to update the website even more. Please take a look: You will see that I have added several new web pages (see the side bar on the Home Page) that show the advantages of EMBRACE from different points of view, including patients, physicians, politicians and businesses. I am working to complete the Business and the Insurance pages and would be glad for any suggestions on these or any part of the site. I am hoping that these pages will help more people to understand the advantages of EMBRACE.

So, if you know anyone or meet anyone who you think might be interested (especially patients and politicians) please direct them to the web site. Also: to make it easier to remember I obtained a new web address: It will direct everyone to!

Take care,



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